Manufacturing facility

Discovery laboratories pvt. Ltd is one of the leading pharmaceutical manufacturing company with world-class facilities, with a wide range of process equipment fully compliant with the cGMP Standards.

Discovery has developed manufacturing facility to suit its style of operations and to meet the requirements of cGMP. We have capabilities in intermediates and have handled varied process reactions and reactor volumes up to 8KL

The company has sophisticated facility for Cryogenic reactions upto -80°C, Grignard chemistry, Metal reactions (Butyl Lithium, Osmium tetraoxide, Sodamide, Sodium Metal etc..) Hydrogenation reactions




Our commitment to quality and productivity is reflected in the implementation of total quality management processes at every stage of the manufacturing life cycle which is acknowledged by our ever expanding list of clientele.

The company aims at achieving Quality excellence and customer satisfaction through Good Manufacturing practices and strives for continual improvement.

The manufacturing facility is ISO:9001 certified

Discovery has developed fully equipped quality control, manned by experienced and qualified staff.

Quality control is equipped with Wet Labs and Instrumentation Labs to carry intermediate, in-process, and final product analysis

Discovery has the required capabilities and infrastructure to ensure full operation of the quality function from Raw material analysis to in process analysis and analysis of final products.


Contract Manufacturing

Discovery laboratories pvt. Ltd., undertakes contract manufacturing of API, Intermediates (advanced and basic) offering a competitive advantage to its clients especially in late stage lifecycle of products

Discovery has demonstrated its manufacturing excellence over the past one decade in a broad portfolio of therapeutic segments by being a trusted partner to a customer base


Environment, health and safety

Discovery believes in sustainable development. ‘Nurture the nature in which we exist’ is our motto and the reason behind our relentless vigil to ensure that we do not leave any negative impact on the environment due to our operations.

This is achieved through Raising Awareness and Empower employees through training. Equipping with technology and Ensure resources availability bringing out the best.

Discovery has investing considerable amount of money to provide state of the art pollution control equipment to minimize the impact of its activities on the environment, we have fully equipped Zero Liquid Discharge plants at our facility.

Environment protection is integrated from product development stage itself with environment pollution potential being one of the guiding parameters in developing the route of synthesis and also choosing the raw materials

Discovery is in the process of developing and implementing ISO 14001 systems at its manufacturing facility and expects to be certified soon.

Safety And Health

The top management at Discovery is very particular about the safety and health of its people and has been closely involved in implementing initiatives like

  • Trained and dedicated safety teams at facilities
  • Regular training and knowledge up-gradation
  • Relevant fire fighting equipment like hydrant systems and extinguishers
  • Personal protective equipment and trained first aid teams at facilities
  • Doctor on roll and ambulance at site